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    "Ugh, my legs are killing me!" That girl started to complain. She must've moved around a lot; or she's just not a sporty person. Then the guard that kept following her tripped over a root, getting laughed at (including by Sen) before the girl slammed into a tree. Something weird happened next before she could get cornered; she turned into a half-animal, or Pokémon, whatever. Sure, Alessa had some effects from fusing with Sen, but nothing like that. Interesting, so Aly stopped in a tree to watch.

    Then she just started to toy with the guard, just getting out of the way whenever he tried to grab her. "Hey!"

    Looks like Magical Leaf wore off. The remaining three guards from before surrounded the transforming girl, but the only one that managed to grab her nearly got his arm bit off. The girl ran up into the tree next to her, quite literally on the opposite side of the trunk from Alessa, and taunted all of them. And now she's just a foot away from us. Maybe we should just grab her and go. The guards sure weren't going away any time soon.

    Sen had to answer, just to get his part in. We can leave with her now and ask questions later. It'll probably be a good idea to take her back to Hearthome with us.

    Yeah, but where?

    On top of the contest hall should be fine; it's sturdy enough.

    Alright. Teleporting time. Aly reached around the trunk of the tree, grabbing the girl's shoulder and disappearing into thin air with her to the top of the contest hall. "So," Aly hasn't actually spoken in a while now, so it was strange for her to hear her own voice, "mind telling me what all that was about?"

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