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    I sat against the tree in pain. I had just broke a full grown tree in half. My hand was throbbing in horrible pain. I took a deep breath, that is what Champ told me to do when i feel pain. Hey...are you okay? Champ asked, his voice actually sounded kind and generous for once. I pulled out a handfull of berries from my pocket and popped one in my mouth. I didnt feel like answering Champ. I was too angry at him. I continued to munch on the berries as if i didnt hear Champ. HEY! I asked if you are okay? Champ's voice was getting angrier. I laughed to myself. He was getting angry, I decided to continue to ignore him. I popped another berry into my mouth and swallowed it whole. I coughed a little bit from the large berry going down my throat. Dang it...i thought you were gonna choke. You know what? Your a jerk! Champ mumbled immaturely. When he said that i started laughing aloud.

    "Ha ha! You got so mad! I'm fine by the way!" I happily said.

    Oh...he he Champ said sheepishly. I stood back up. You have to continue training. Soon you will be able to beat anyone if you continue to train. Find another tree to punch...wait! i have a better idea! Walk up to the broken tree. I want you to chop it into little peices using the technique i taught you. I walked up to the tree on the ground. The fall made alot of branches fall off so it looked like a gigantic log. Before i began chopping i concentrated on the tree. The dead silence helped me focus. I lifted my arm as high as i could and chopped down on the tree as hard and as fast as i could. The tree split and a tiny round piece rolled to the side. I picked it up and observed it. I always enjoyed counting the rings of trees. This one had forty six. Champ told me that a tree has one ring for every year it lived. I always wonder if there are any trees that are still around that were there even before the pokemon fallout. I would love to find one.

    Get back to work! Champ yelled. I listened to him and continued to chop. I split about ten pieces before my hand began to hurt.Good job! You can take a break. How about we take a walk? Champ suggested. That is a good idea. Maybe i can find someone to fight or befriend. Before we went i wrapped my hand in some cloth from my backpack. I wrapped it tight and then we began to walk. I observed the beautiful nature and Champ told me stories about when he was a pokemon. And that was how i defeated twelve giant Gyradoses while being locked in a cage!

    "Wow is that true?" I asked.

    Yeah i was an amazing pokemon! I won over 1000 battles, but who is counting? I was mystified by his stories. He always tells me stories of tough battles and amazing adventures. It made me jealous. This worls is so destroyed. I want to go on a huge adventure. But i will never survive.

    " you think I can take on evil villains like you used to do?" I asked.

    There was a long pause. I could tell that Champ was thinking of a smart answer. You know what? Go for it? I think we can do it. Ill let you do it only on these conditions.

    "What conditions?" I asked happily.

    You have to train EVERY DAY. And you have to make a few friends. Friends help you with everything. If you make some good friends than you can take on anyone you want and defeat them easily. As a team. A wide smile spread across my face. I was going to go on an adventure! No more training in the forest! No more being isolated! I am going to finally be a hero!

    "Yes! Lets go look for some people!" I shouted in joy as i ran into the depths of the forest.
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