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    The mod told me to move my thread here instead, so here you go:

    Okay, I haven't seen that anyone else has figured this out yet, and I only figured it out just this evening. Not a way to find MissingNo in Yellow in general, but a way to ALWAYS get a non-game-freezing MissingNo that also duplicates your items just like in Red/Blue.

    EDIT: It's possible that this glitch works EXCEPT FOR if all the pokemon that level up during the trainer fight (ex. if only one levels up, then this single one) learn a move when leveling up. This just happened to me for the first time now and indeed MissingNo froze my game, for the first time since discovering this glitch. I'll edit this post further to include this if it turns out to be true.

    I didn't want to put this in the glitch thread because that kind of seemed like discussing glitches instead of glitch tutorials... and I can't put it on the Pokemon Glitch Forums 'cause whenever I try to register it says "Access denied", so if someone could post this there that would be great. (A totally unrelated glitch/game oversight that's happening in my Yellow is that you can deposit your Coin Purse into your PC but it doesn't disappear from your backpack, and then say you deposit it five times in a row, you have to withdraw it five times for it to disappear from your PC again.)

    Video proof of it working is on my youtube (captainporridgeable):

    - Have pokemon in your party that are extremely close to leveling up. (Having your party full of low level pokemon works best)
    - Have Experience-All (EXP ALL) in your backpack. (Optional, but makes it easier)
    - Have the item you want 130 of to be in the SIXTH slot in your backpack. (Every time I've done this, I've always gotten 129/130 of the item.)

    1.) Do the Mew glitch... but fight someone else instead of that certain trainer at Cerulean. You need to fight a trainer who gives you MissingNo. There are plenty of trainers who give you MissingNo, tons are in Lavender's Tower, there's some on Cycling Road, there's some to the right of Vermillion and to the bottom of Lavender, etc. I'll put up a mini guide with a list of where some are later. The trainer has to be at least one space away from you, so he walks up to you. If you talk to him directly or walk in front of him with no room for him to walk towards you, the game will glitch and freeze.

    2.) At least one of your pokemon NEEDS to level up during the fight with the TRAINER. You can fight wild pokemon, but it doesn't work if your pokemon level up during a wild pokemon fight and not during the trainer fight. They have to level up during a trainer battle. You can fight as many wild pokemon as you want on the way to/from the trainer, that doesn't matter. (Have a single strong pokemon first in line, kill all the trainer's pokemon with that one pokemon, let EXP ALL do the work. That's how I do it.)

    3.) Before the trainer battle your menu would not open. Now it will. Fly to Lavender Town and walk to the left, outside of town. Your menu will pop up. Cancel the menu, and a wild pokemon will appear. If a random pokemon appears, you didn't fight a trainer that gives you MissingNo. Trainers will give the same pokemon every time.

    If the music stops playing and the screen goes black abnormally long, you've found MissingNo! You can switch pokemon to fight it, but don't view their stats as there's a chance that will freeze the game (when I tried, the screen went white for a long time and then went back to normal). As soon as the battle occurs, you can check your items and see that you have 9 of the item in the sixth slot - after the battle, it'll be clear that this is really (image)9. Deposit 30 of the item in your PC and you'll have 99 or so left in your backpack - IF YOU GAIN ONE OF THE SAME ITEM WHILE THE IMAGE GLITCH IS THERE (picking it up from the ground, etc), YOU WILL HAVE ONLY 99 and not 130. You can save and the image glitch will still be there when you next turn on the game.

    4.) Your screen will probably look glitchy after the battle. Walk to the right until you enter Lavender Town again. If that doesn't completely fix it, FLY to Lavender town and all should be well.

    MissingNo is usually hard to catch, it keeps dodging your pokeballs. I've caught one but I've wasted over 20 great balls on a single MissingNo and it wasn't caught, so I guess it's up to luck. (I've caught MissingNo prefectly fine every time with master balls though)