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Name: Lucius Xavier Addams II

Nickname: Lex

Age: 12

Sex: Male

Appearance: Lucius' overall appearance has seen better days. His silver hair, once kept nice and short, is now long and unruly, and no amount of brushing can fix the tangled mess. He once wore a fancy blue suit, accompanied by tie and shoes, but those clothes are but ghosts of their former selves. Both sleeves have been visciously torn off, there are a number of holes in his pants, and he walks around without shoes. His tie remains the only intact article of clothing on his body, but Lex has tied it around his head as a sort of headband instead of around his neck.

Lex's eyes are his most striking feature. They both seem abnormally large for his rather small head, and both are a disturbing shade of blood red. In fact, the irises take up a majority of the eyeball, leaving little room for the white. This causes the eyes to seem far larger than they actually are. Lex has the dreadful habit of not blinking, and for some odd reason rarely moves his eyes at all. Instead, he moves his entire head, which only adds to his demented appearance. Ever other feature of his body seems too small rather than large. This includes his stature, for Lex stands only 3'9" tall, at 72 lbs.

In fusion form, Lex's eerie appearance is only enhanced. His red eyes turn pitch black, and the pupils turn a red so dark it blends in with his irises. His normally small mouth widens, forcing Lex to grin. his silver hair turns a pale white, which matches his skin tone. His hands dissapear, and become round stubs on the end of his arms.

Personality: Calling Lex "quiet" would be an understatement. No, Lex is more like "silent." Dead silent. Lex, you see, has lost the ability (and desire) to speak. Lex cannot even cry. He remains quieter than the calm before the storm; quieter, even, that death itself. None know why Lucius does not talk; his vocal chords work fine. It is as if it is his choice to remain silent.

However, there is one mystery about Lex that no living being could ever figure out. In the middle of the night, when the moon sits high in the sky, Lex gains the ability to sing. And sing he does. He sings songs of Pokemon that sailed endless waters to find new lands, or of legendary Pokemon like Ho-oh or Rayquaza, singing softly their epic tales. His songs attract all withing earshot to this beautiful voice, but none leave feeling joyous. For some unknown reason, Lex only sings in a sad tone, as if he is in constant mourning. Tears will always find their way to the eyes of any who listen to the voice of Lex, for that is what he was born to do.

History: Six children: Andrea, Georgia, Victoria, Angela, Crystal, and Lucius Xavier. These were the children of Sylvia Creekmore, a mother raising her kids by herself in the large mansion known only as Old Gateau. These children were viscious, to say the least; Angela was always swinging from the curtains and Georgia had the tendency to utter a very high screech whenever someone said "no". Lucius, however, was always well behaved, the youngest and only son of Sylvia. Victoria, too, never really misbehaved, but she was difficult in her own way: She was bedridden with an enigmatic illness. Doctors kept saying the girl had only a month or so left, but Victoria proved strong. Fourteen years she spent in bed, determined to live. While her sisters tried their best to avoid her, Victoria was never lonely. Lucius, first called "Lex" by Victoria, visited his sick sister almost every waking hour. It was with Victoria that Lex first heard a human voice in song, and where he learned of those magical creatures called Pokemon. Victoria had an outstanding love for Pokemon, her favorite being Jigglypuff. She knew almost all the Pokemon stories, and delighted in telling Lex the legends of Ho-oh or Zekrom and Reshiram. Her love for Pokemon was so great, that when she passed, that love found its way into her brother's heart.

Victoria's death affected Lex a great deal. The boy had spent eight years at her bedside, enjoying her songs and tales. For hours after Victoria's body was gone, Lex remained in her bedroom, waiting to hear his sister's voice. He stayed there until well into the night. Then, as if some spirit of his sister flooded into him, Lex began to sing. At first, there were no words - how could there be, as he'd never used any before - but soon enough, some came. His family, hearing the beautiful and mysterious voice, came over to hear his songs. For an hour, Lex sang and his family listened, and then there was silence. Only Lex left that room with dry eyes that night, and none ever returned to Victoria's bedroom.

Four years passed, and already violence between adults and children was becoming more intense. Sylvia always tried to protect her own children, but five kids was a lot to handle. Not long after hostilities in Eterna were established, Lex's eldest sister, Andrea, was badly hurt after an old man attacked her. Lex lived in constant fear of the outside, and could now often be found clinging to his mother out of terror. Then one night Lex fell asleep in his own bed, and awoke on Mt. Coronet. There he was introduced to his Pokemon spirit, a Jigglypuff whom Lex insisted on calling Victoria. After merging with Victoria, Lex fell asleep once more, this time awaking to the charred rubble of Old Gateau. Lex's family was nowhere to be seen, and the entire mansion was in ruins. Apparently, Lex learned later, a group of villagers from Eterna came to Old Gateau and set fire to the place. Lex's family had dissapeared amidst the chaos, so they might still be safe. The only room to survive the attack was the bedroom of Victoria, which is where Lex has made his home. The destruction of his house pushed the wrong buttons, it would seem, for Lex now spends the night luring unaware passerbyes to him with his song, then quietly absorbing their human spirits.

Pokespirit: Jigglypuff

Nickname: Victoria

Personality: Victoria is a lot like her namesake. She loves all Pokemon, and would never even think of fighting one unless it was to defend Lex. She knows all the legends of Lex's favorite Pokemon, Ho-oh, and enjoys, almost too much, telling them to Lex over and over and over... However, other than this, Victoria stays rather quiet, prefering to hum to herself rather than talk with Lex. Nevertheless, Victoria is extremely close to Lex, and the two share an unspoken bond that seems unbreakable.

Moves: Sing, Pound, Headbutt, Mega Kick, Doubleslap, Attract

Note: Instead of being that lovely shade of pink associated with most Jigglypuffs, Victoria is a pale white. In fact, Lex thinks it is the fact that Victoria is this strange color that causes his hair to change color when he transforms.

Opening Post: The small fire, only barely burning, only barely burning, seemed to be a blazing sun in a night sky devoid of stars. The treetops blocked out any light from beyond, so Eterna Forest really did seem like that night sky. And in a darkness this black, any light, however faint, can attract frightened or weary travellers to this young silver-haired boy.

His red eyes stood out amidst the shadows. Two startling pools of blood that pierced anything they stared at like daggers. Once, maybe, one could have called them "innocent" or even "cute". But those days feel like forever ago to him. Now these eyes are filled to the brim with emotion. One glance, and a person can feel the malevolence and terror radiating from his eyes. It was overwhelming, like a tidal wave. None could withstand the eyes. They were his pendant, swinging back and forth to the rythym of the haunting song. Then the screaming would begin.

The boy the eyes belonged to was known as Lex. It was a name only brave men mentioned, and even they could only whisper. A boy abandoned by his mother and left to burn with Old Chateau. The Plague of Eterna Forest. Like a beast lulling his prey into his open jaws, he sings his demented song quietly with the voice of a fallen angel:

Children cry,
And angels sing,
And nothing becomes,
Your everything.

...A plague? No. ...Fallen Angel? Not likely. I didn't think I was all that great to fall in the first place.
Nope, I'm just Lex. Or, at least, I used to be. Now I'm Victoria as well.

Welcome to Eterna Forest. I do hope you enjoy your stay.

Because you won't be leaving.

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