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    Originally Posted by Elite Overlord LeSabre™ View Post
    Oh, how do I explain this?

    1. At least in GSC he had a varied team. This time around he inexplicably has TWO Water-types, which means my Ampharos obliterated half his team. Of course Alder in B/W is even worse regarding this matter in what is supposed to be a type diverse team, but still... And not evolving the rat basically meant a free kill for me and reduced him down to five decent Pokemon versus my six. I see no other champion in the game series who didn't choose to evolve ALL of their Pokemon. And they provided a much more satisfying challenge as a result. And actually felt like Champions instead of a glorified Youngster.

    2. So how does FR/LG fit into "canon?"
    Even so, I find it hard to say the Johto games are even based on the events of the original R/B. Let's assume for a minute that the events in the games are based off the events in R/B and not FR/LG. How then, can it be explained that my character in Blue was named "Chaos" and used Electrode and Nidoqueen among his team?
    It probably has something to do with R/B/Y rather than the remakes. In Yellow they give you Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle (the three starters could be from R/B/G as well). You need to defeat/catch Snorlax in Route 12/16 in order to advance and some Silph Co. employer gives you Lapras. So they are pkmn that any person that played R/B/Y would have. That could be a reason why Red has that team in particular. After all R/B/Y didn't have a female player character so I find it hard if you could replace Red for Leaf. They could have given her another role though...but not as the Ultimate Trainer. Because that's something that only one person achieved in R/B/Y.

    Back to the main topic. Things I disliked about HG/SS:

    -I can't buy coins.
    -Safari Zone's difficult system.
    -I can't customize My Room.
    -They didn't bring back Crystal's female character. Instead there is Lyra who isn't even a trainer if I pick Gold. I find it weird since they put Suicune storyline.
    -I couldn't evolve certain pkmn (Magneton->Magnezon, Eevee->Leafeon/Glaceon, Nosepass->Probopass).
    -Gym Leaders schedules are too tight.
    -Pokeathlon? it was ok but why they didn't put Pkmn Contests?
    -I'm not sure but I found the Bug Catching Contest a bit strange...
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