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Kilik Chambers

Reiki was really not liking this. This girl will probably trick Kilik later. Well, at least he still has his guard up. "K-Katherine. Call me Kat." She introduced herself to Kilik. She held out her hand for Kilik to shake. He was about to give her a handshake when she abruptly pulled her hand back. She was probably still distrustful of him. The same was with Kilik.

A moment, & Kilik puts his hand down too. "Kilik Chambers." He said his name so Kat knew what his name was. "So I hope you're genorous about the bread I gave you. 'Cause I've been selling food & buying stuff to survive, so make good use of it." It was true. He was going to trade that bread for some Cheri Berries, but he had more to trade with.

Something was odd about Kat. Was it her personality, or was it something else? Something was definitely up. He got that bad feeling again. Wait, what is he doing talking to someone still? He had trading to do. Still, he wasn't gonna leave Kat like that, so he insisted to himself that he be patient a little longer. Reiki sighed from Kilik's decision.

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