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Normal: RATATA. Annoying and as useless as hell. It just won't stop popping out from the tall grass!
Fighting: The blue and red ones from bw. weak and ugly
Flying: Zubat, same reason as ratata
Poision: 99.999% of them. Especially Garbodor
Ground: Can't remember any ground types right now ;w;
Rock: Onix cause it's so ugly ;w;
Bug: All of them except for Volcarona
Ghost: Gastly, I guess? I hate it's voice
Steel: can't remember
Fire: Magby, it looks like a brain o.o
Water: Feebas, too ugly
Grass: the one that evolves into roselea, it's sooooooooooo weeeeakkkkk
Electric: the one that evolves with the similar thing that is used for magbe to evolve. It's quite ugly
Psychic: snubbull, ugly
Ice: Jinx, one of the ugliest poke ever
Dragon: Dialga, it doesnt even look like a pokemon
Dark: Spiritomb and sableye. so annoying (no weakness ;w;)
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