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    The boy put his hand down like Kat did and said his name. "Killik Chambers." Kat nodded. I might need to remember that. "So I hope you're generous about the bread I gave you. 'Cause I've been selling food & buying stuff to survive, so make good use of it." Kat cocked her head. "Selling? Buying? Why would you sell your food?" Kat has no idea what bartering is. She steals.

    Kat laughed a bit "Buying and selling. Why waste your time. You could just steal, adults don't need so much food." Kat brought out a Kelpsy Berry and handed it to Kilik. "There, you got something out of giving me bread. Now, if you excuse me, I need to wait for food." With that, Kat walked back to the middle of the road and sat down. Kat kept her hand on her knife in case Kilik tries to sneak attack her. (Mmmm... Berries are not enough for us is it Kat? Nooo we need meat.) Kat nodded and grinned. "Yes we do Candle. We just have to wait."
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