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    Originally Posted by randomguy2476 View Post
    I hate to badger you, but do you have any ideas on the nidoran thing? because I found out a few more details.

    It even happens when the nidoran is on your own team. I.e. I switch to my nidoran female and scratch no longer works right, but if nidoran is the first pokemon to come out, it doesn't happen.

    Same thing still applies to Nidoran male too with peck.

    I know it it shouldn't be this frustrating to me, but it is a very consistent glitch. If not 100% than a large majority of the time the conditions are met.

    To sum up how to recreate the glitch:
    -Get into a battle with a Nidoran(male or female).
    -The Nidoran can be an enemy, or on your team.
    -Switch pokemon during this battle.

    Result: Nidoran Female's scratch no longer works correctly/Nidoran's peck no longer works correctly(the text is displayed but the move never launches, no animation or damage or message about missing). Growl and Leer are unaffected by the glitch.

    Hope this helps narrow it down for you.
    I looked the the PBS files for the pokemon and the file for moves to look for anything that stood out in comparison to others but couldn't find anything.
    I have proved it in the previous version and there the same thing does not happen. But if it happens in the current version, it is something very rare.

    Btw, I found a bug in the current version (and in the previous version), the move Curse it does not work in ghosts.
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