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    Originally Posted by P-Sign View Post
    I have changed no scripts involving the Debug Menu. Only PokemonField and PokemonPokedex are changed. I can eventually send the changes to you via PM.

    EDIT: I've got the same error with a clean version of Essentials.
    I don't get that error with a clean version of Essentials. It looks like you're the only one, because no one else has complained. I can't do anything about it.

    Originally Posted by randomguy2476 View Post
    I hate to badger you, but do you have any ideas on the nidoran thing? because I found out a few more details.

    It even happens when the nidoran is on your own team. I.e. I switch to my nidoran female and scratch no longer works right, but if nidoran is the first pokemon to come out, it doesn't happen.

    Same thing still applies to Nidoran male too with peck.

    I know it it shouldn't be this frustrating to me, but it is a very consistent glitch. If not 100% than a large majority of the time the conditions are met.

    To sum up how to recreate the glitch:
    -Get into a battle with a Nidoran(male or female).
    -The Nidoran can be an enemy, or on your team.
    -Switch pokemon during this battle.

    Result: Nidoran Female's scratch no longer works correctly/Nidoran's peck no longer works correctly(the text is displayed but the move never launches, no animation or damage or message about missing). Growl and Leer are unaffected by the glitch.

    Hope this helps narrow it down for you.
    I looked the the PBS files for the pokemon and the file for moves to look for anything that stood out in comparison to others but couldn't find anything.
    I've replicated in this problem, using the following set-up:

    - My team is NidoranF (Lv40) and NidoranM (Lv40). Both were generated at Lv10 for their movesets, then Debugged to Lv40 to survive battles.
    - Get into trainer battle against Geodude, switch immediately to NidoranM.
    - Peck doesn't work, not even after using another move.

    I tried the same the other way around, but Scratch did work.

    I'll have to look into it, because I'm not sure what the problem could be.

    EDIT: The Nidoran that cause the problem have the ability Rivalry. The code for that ability is wrong. In PokeBattle_Move, go to line 389 and replace if agender==ogender with if attacker.gender==opponent.gender.

    I told you I don't check these things!
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