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I just found this thread and think the idea is interesting. I'd like to try to figure out how to raise the cap in a hack I'm helping with.

From what I understand, there are four main things that need to be changed:

First, the experience tables needed to be expanded and filled in up to 150 or 200 or 255 or whatever. Does anyone know where these tables are?

Second, something needs to be done with stat growth. Jambo51 mentioned a stat encrypter/decrypter which I still need to learn about.

Third, there's the checksum. How does that work? Does this just mean that changing values in memory on the fly will break the game? Will it work out alright as long as the level values are hardcoded in the ROM?

Fourth, which might actually just be part of the first step, Pokemon need to be allowed to level up past level 100. I'm obviously still learning about all this, but it would seem that a Pokemon stops growing either when it hits its level 100 experience total (the last value in its growth table) or once it hits the "max level" value stored in the ROM somewhere. It might be both, since a Pokemon can level up with a Rare Candy ("set this Pokemon's experience total to level+1, unless at end of table") or through regular experience gain ("increase this Pokemon's experience by X unless EXP equals max").

Any thoughts? In the meantime, I guess I'll check out HackMew's engine thread.
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