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    Update: With Capt. Fabio's permission this thread has now become a post A video thread. Yes A video, which mean you can post other gaming related videos that you DIDN'T create. BUT BE SURE TO GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE. All other rules still apply.

    Post Your Videos!
    Greetings all! I understand the title might seem a little confusing, but it's all good.

    The purpose of this thread is simple. Post your gaming videos. Let them be Let's Plays, a review, or anything along those lines.

    I know some of you guys might think your videos do not merit they're own thread considering the rules that have been set in this forum. Worry not, I feel the same, so a GIANT thread has been concocted to post those videos that may not merit they're own thread.

    All the rules of the this forum, and main forum still apply.
    • Do NOT post a link to your YouTube account, embed the video in the thread.
    • Be sure to include a description of your video in your post. Do NOT just post a video.
    • You may include more than one video per post. Do NOT post like 10, at that point you'd be better off making your own thread.
    • Rate the videos accordingly.
      - [M] for Mature
      - [T] For Teen
      - Etc.
      Also be sure to consider language, and what you are talking about in the video. If the content is considered mature, make sure to take that into account.
    • Excessive swearing is not allowed. I understand if it slips here and there which is fine, but pointless and crude language is not allowed and will result in your video being removed and your post being deleted.
    • If a series you are posting here gets popular, and you decided to make your own thread for it, announce it here and post a link to the thread.

    If you have anymore questions about forum rules, be sure to check here as they are valid.


    Note: They do not need to be in spoiler tags. I did that, because if I didn't this post would be VERY long.

    Standard Post w/ one Video
    Justice Associates Play: Modern Warfare 3 [T-M]

    Me and a friend of mine decided to take advantage of MW3 being free last weekend on Steam. We suck at FPS's. lol Tell me what you think!

    Standard Post w/ two Videos
    Justice Associates Play: Grand Theft Auto IV Ep: 1 [M]

    Justice Associates Play: Grand Theft Auto IV Ep: 2 [M]

    This is a little series me and my friend do every once in awhile when we want to run around and do stupid things. My friend sounds like a psychopath in these videos. Tell us what you think!

    Post w/ two videos not related to each other
    Justice Associates Play: Elevator Source [T]

    In this video we downloaded the Elevator Source mod for Gmod. It's ridiculous elevator action!

    Justice Associates Play: G-Mod Ep: 1

    Me and my buddy screw around in Gmod trying to make vehicles. It turns out to be rather weird. lol

    Post making a reference to a new thread
    Dual Play - Pokemon HG/SS Ep: 4

    New video is up, of us continuing out journey!

    Also, I've been getting some good feedback on this series, so I'm creating my own thread as to not clutter this thread up. Check it out here!

    Note: You can stylize your posts anyway you want, but try to keep them similar to these examples.

    Get posting!
    Seriously. Do it. :D