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Originally Posted by leachim_paloyz15 View Post

Hi guys!

First of all.. MINI-UPDATE:
Today I bring you 5 new screenshots which signifies that the I successfully finished fixing the bug, and everything is going smoothly. (except my Math grades.. xD xD)

Rina's drumset - 100% Done

Just an afternoon screenshot.

Pokemon Nicknaming has been enabled in the game.

New MenuBox. (Comes with Red, Blue, and Green colors.)

CANTA's moveset has been altered a bit. (THUNDERSHOCK has been replaced with SHADOW BALL.)
Also shows the new BattleBox Menu. (Color: Blue)

That would be all for the update.

and oh, AlexTheRose.. If you're not busy, you can start making an CSS outline for the main post. I think of transferring to the Progressing Hacks, since I think that no one will ever join the team. It's fine though, I have enough members to finish this one.

I made the CSS for the opening post and I'll PM it to you. Also, remember to not override the font effects saved in the CSS, i.e. no [ font ], [ size ] or [ color ] tags that span the entire post ;P