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Scarlet Johnson

"I'll answer your questions, but I expect my own questions to be answered, too." The girl said to Scarlet, she took off her hat and bowed down to her. What was that all about? bowing.... But that didn't matter. "My name is Alessa. You almost hit me with that Leaf Blade of yours, but I couldn't just leave you to the guards; I Teleported you with me here to Hearthome after following along for a bit. Now I'd like to know your name, and my previous question answered." The girl then finished, she must be part pokemon too. Unless she was a alien or a mutant. But still, pokemon spirit wielder would make more sense. Scarlet sighed, all she wanted to do was get back to Eterna City and help the people, but she didn't wanna walk.

Then Alessa said, "If you have anymore business in Eterna City, I can assist you." Scarlet stayed quiet for a moment, hopefully this wouldn't be a trick. "Well..." Scarlet began, as she continued speaking. "Im Scarlet, and I was gonna go help other Spirit Wielder's escape from Eterna City, I had the whole thing planned out." She said quietly. "Until you came along.." She murmured so only she could hear it. Scarlet turned to face Alessa, "If you wan't to you can tag along with us."

Scarlet didn't wan't to chat right now, she looked in the distance, staring bellow the sun.

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