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    Rafael looked around still alone except for his Pokespirit. He sighed and looked at a tree and fused back with his Espeon Pokespirit and walked towards the vacant tree. He smiled slightly and a dark colored ball shaped in his mouth and shot out at the tree seeming to do a small amount of damage. He smiled at the fact that the tree was so durable and he tried another Shadow ball attack in the tree until it slowly fell to the ground. He smiled again and used Calm Mind to increase his special attack nd Psychic power. He used Psychic and tried to lift up the tree and succeded for about ten seconds and then the tree fell again and made a loud crashing sound that hurt his ears. He looked around and de-fused with his Pokespirit and made sure nobody was looking at him.

    " Whoaaa I didn't know that I was that strong " He said with a smile on his face. He then fell to the ground exausted and started breathing heavily.

    " Don't push yourself to hard " Espy said to him in his head. He smiled at the voice of his Pokepirit and he stood back up and sat on the top of the stump that the tree once stood on.
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