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    Originally Posted by redriders180 View Post
    Complete edit: I was wrong earlier, each forme does have a different pallate. I think the best way to locate them is to battle each different forme of Castform in VBA, and open up the Pallate window. Find the colors of Castform (they should be lined up in a row), and search for that string of colors in Advanced Pallate Editor. This should let you find what you need.

    FINAL EDIT: The pallates for Castform's formes are like the ones for any shiny; the game just substitutes the pallate color for color. Make sure you take that into account when indexing the sprites.
    It's fine, my sprites use the original palette perfectly... when they work, at least.

    So, I've found the 'address' of each color's value in the palette... but, how do I find the hex location for these exactly?

    I've included a screenshot.
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