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    Originally Posted by Kamon137 View Post
    It's fine, my sprites use the original palette perfectly... when they work, at least.

    So, I've found the 'address' of each color's value in the palette... but, how do I find the hex location for these exactly?

    I've included a screenshot.
    The "address" isn't really all that helpful. When you click on each color, it will tell you the hex value of the color. in that picture, the one you have selected is 0x4B18. Take a note of all the colors after that (there's 16), and use the search feature on Advance Palate Editor to look for the colors by typing in each value. Hitting search should bring up the offset of the palate. I'm pretty sure the palate is compressed, however. If I've explained it wrong, there's a tutorial somewhere around here that describes how to find a pallate.

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