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    "I was gonna go help other Spirit Wielders escape from Eterna City..." Spirit Wielders? That's what they were called? She didn't hear that one before, but the term made sense. Now Alessa, putting her hat back on, knew she was going to be helping. "If you want, you can tag along with us." Then Scarlet turned away and looked off near the sun.

    "Let's get going, then." Aly took a step to grab Scarlet's shoulder from behind again, disappearing with her to the ruins of what used to be Team Galactic's Eterna building. It was broken down in the fallout, and few people ever came inside, so it always made a great place for hiding and shade. What kind of plan did she have that involved getting caught by guards? If they managed to keep in other wielders, breaking back out wouldn't be easy. Sen didn't respond, not really having an answer.

    She didn't give Scarlet a chance to talk or even act startled from the transport before she went straight into things. The girl was in a rush, so she rushed. "We're in the old Galactic building. You probably had someone helping you out a few minutes ago, right?" Scarlet was likely just the distraction; get the guards out of the way so whoever was with her could get in and snoop around undetected. "Can you tell where they are right now?"

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