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Jeremy Kyle – Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, America

Jeremy turned as a car emerged from the garage, a figure in the driver’s seat yelling back into the house for a guy named ‘Peter’. Jeremy assumed that this was Jericho, the kid Jeremy had been sent to recruit since he fit the profile he had been given. Jeremy smiled back when Jericho asked him if he needed directions in order to look for his father, but Jeremy wasn’t here to see Jericho’s father, rather Jericho himself. For a moment, Jeremy teleported from the doorstep into the back of the car, sitting directly behind Jericho and leaning between the two front seats to talk to him.

“I’m Jeremy,” he gave a wide smile, “sadly no, I’m not here to look for your father, but” elongating the ‘but’, “I am here to see you! Where are you heading off to?” Jeremy was in no hurry to take Jericho back to England, he had been given nearly the whole day to recruit Jericho, so he would take that opportunity as much as he could.

Due to the nature of his job, Jeremy never really got to hang out or play with people his own age, and seeing as Jericho and his friend Peter were obviously heading out somewhere, Jeremy would take the opportunity to hang out with them, hopefully finding a crack in Jericho which he could exploit as a recruitment purpose. If he was successful, he would have more than just Leon and the others at the Syndicate, more people to be with; this idea raising Jeremy’s mood.

Joshua Meier – Syndicate HQ, Birmingham, England

"How does this work, then?" Leon asked, admiring the weapon in his hands.

“The copper wiring embedded in the leather handle will conduct the electricity from your palms through into the central hub, the spark plug here,” he said pointing to the middle where what looked like a spark plug sat, “inside is an Atlantean Crystal, which will help you to control your abilities and an early stage, but also to amplify and control the amount of wattage that goes through the Corona at a later stage. From the spark plug, the electricity ‘sparks’ into the two poles on either side, creating a chain of electricity between the two poles, right to the end. The positively charged ionized metal at the end is where the electricity is struck out. If you push the electricity into the Corona, and further out, then it will arc out, but you will need to use your ability to control how much goes out, where it goes to, and in how many arcs, just like our training before.” Joshua took a step backwards towards a console, bringing up a three dimensional image of the Corona on the table it had just resided on. “The nodes on the end also allow you to pull electricity from most sources into the Corona and store it in the electrically charged Atlantean Crystal as well as in yourself. When you are not using it, we have a carry bag that goes over one shoulder and under the other, the poles also retract into one another up to the coils, just push the button on the side of each pole and they will fall back, wave the Corona if a downward sweeping motion and they will come out and click into place.” Joshua clicked the button again and the three dimensional image disappeared back into the table.

"And how soon will I be able to use it?"

A smirk crept across Joshua’s face, “I knew you would ask that,” he waved his hand at the glass panes that looked down upon the training room, “feel free to come in here and train anytime you wish, you could even train now.” Joshua also pointed to a console, “ask any of the scientists here and they will also be able to put you through a preprogramed training scenario for you."

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