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    We'll probably have to wait awhile for the English ones, but we can still juxtapose the Japanese ones!


    Mostly the same, but with a few added touches!

    So, what are your thoughts about the logos of Pokemon Black Version 2/White Version 2 compared to their predecessors, Pokemon Black and White Versions? Personally, I love the new logos, particularly the designs within the "2" numerals of each logo. The encroaching ice is also fitting, given Kyurem's new Formes that likely relate to Reshiram and Zekrom (visualizing the red ice just seems weird, though).

    It's also interesting how the logo backgrounds now more-or-less match the color of the "insides" of the Japanese characters, as opposed to the Black/White Versions' logos, where the backgrounds were the opposite colors of the Japanese characters. (This is kind of hard to explain, but if you get it, Lava Cookie for you!)

    Finally, I love how even the "Poke Ball" incorporated in the logo is a bit tilted compared to the original one that had an 180-degree orientation, which I personally take to indicate how B2W2 have thrown the formula of the Pokemon main series games out the window, effectively "breaking" it, just as Game Freak said they would do. :cer_laugh:

    I anticipate that the English versions of the logos will only keep the color scheme (the new white-background+white-characters and black-background+black-characters visuals) and the prominent "2" numerals, which for some reason look a bit similar to the Pokemon Rumble logo font(s).
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