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    Donavannj, I feel bad about you handling all the queries in these threads, but there are just sooo many. I will try to help, but perhaps there is a more efficient way? Some sort of central reference to handle the really tedious stuff like 100 common fossil cards, etc.

    Ok full art zekrom: $10
    Ancient mew: with packaging $4, without packaging $1.

    Regarding the long lists of commons, uncommons, and rares:
    If a card has a common rarity, i.e. a circle on the bottom right corner, it will not fetch you more than 10 cents, regardless of what set it is from.

    If it is uncommon, i.e. the diamond in the bottom right corner, you could get 20 cents.

    Rare, which is a plain black star and no holofoil on the card, will go between 75 cents to $1.

    Holographic rares, lvl X's, ex's, full arts, 1st edition cards, special promos, and secret rare cards are the only ones with individual prices. That being said, I hope everyone will revise their lists so that donavannj and anyone else will not be overwhelmed with picking through hundreds of common cards.