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Originally Posted by Shining Raichu View Post
Also, last year it would have been a great Oscar ceremony if they'd just let Hathaway do it by herself.
She was better than Franco, yes. Franco was dreadful. But, I don't think either of them were appropriate for the Oscars. That autotuned song bit and whatnot was kind of funny and all, but it's not right for the night. It was more... Peoples' Choice Awards or MTV Movie Award levels. The Oscars are supposed to be classy. The role of the Oscars host isn't to be "look at me" - which I got a strong vibe from with Hathaway last year.

Crystal was great in the past. I blame the producers. The pacing of everything was just off. "Here's Zimmer's conductor stand, gigantic, and rising out of the ground for some reason"... and then silence.