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    Inside her mind, she could hear Zephyr trying to convince her to flee. "Allegra, the guards are distracted. I don't know why they're distracted, but does it matter? If we're going to get out of here, now would be a pretty good time, don't you think?"

    The girl sighed, but knew that Zephyr was right. When would they get another opportunity like this? In a year? In ten years? Allegra didn't want to stay in this place for another day, let alone another year. She examined the window to her room once more, but noted with disappointment that the gaps between bars were too small even for her to squeeze through. Guess the only way out was the front door. Crouching down, Allegra peered through the crack between the bottom of the door and the floor. From here she could see the boots of one guard pacing back and forth. 'Lucky,' she thought to herself. 'There's only one today.'

    Okay. Now for the actual escape plan. Getting up from her crouched position, she stood a little ways away from the door and thought. She needed the guard to unlock the door to her room. That was the only way out. But how would she make him do that? She could feign injury or sickness... But there was no guarantee the guard would even care enough to come check on her. In all likelihood, he probably wouldn't care at all. Hmm... What if she had suddenly gone feral or something? He would probably have to come in to subdue her, right? Or maybe kill her... No. That wouldn't happen if she was fast enough.

    Allegra changed into her fusion form, growing two long yellow ears and a stubby little tail. Her eyes became pure black and she could feel the electricity running through her body. Mustering up all her courage, she used Agility to make herself faster and put on her best 'crazy-feral-pokespirit' act. Screaming, growling, sending jolts of electricity across the room. She could hear the guard as he came up to her door and opened up the little sliding window to see what was happening. He took out what Allegra recognized as a tranquilizer gun and brought it to the opening. With ease, she electrocuted the metal device, causing it to break and for him to drop it in pain. He swore under his breath and fiddled with the keys on his belt. 'I can handle this one little kid,' he thought. 'I'm much stronger than she is. I'll just get some cuffs on her and this'll be over and done with.'

    The guard's inexperience and desire to impress his superiors cost him dearly that day. As soon as he opened the door, Allegra let loose a Thunder Wave and he fell to the ground, paralyzed. Not wanting him to recover and spread the word of her escape, she pulled him farther into the room, took his keys and left him in what used to be her prison cell. Right before she left the room, she turned back and looked him right in the eyes. "You're lucky to be alive, you know. I could have killed you in a second, easy. But I'm not a bully like you. I don't kill people. It's wrong and you know it is. So instead I'm just gonna lock you up in here while you wait for the paralysis to wear off. See how you like being trapped, scared, and helpless." Having said what she needed to, she locked the door behind her and smiled. She did feel a bit bad for paralyzing him, but still... that was kind of fun.
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