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Hope I can still sign up as a gym leader.


Name: Chris 'Century' Dillinger
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Gym Type: Fighting

Species: Hitmonchan
Gender: Male
Nickname: N/A
Level: 42
- Sky Uppercut
- Fire Punch
- Ice Punch
- Thunder Punch
- Protect
- Bullet Punch

Species: Hitmonlee
Gender: Male
Nickname: N/A
Level: 40
- Hi Jump Kick
- Foresight
- Double Kick
- Rolling Kick
- Jump Kick
- Focus Energy

Species: Heracross
Gender: Female
Nickname: N/A
Level: 38
- Close Combat
- Night Slash
- Take Down
- Aerial Ace
- Horn Attack
- Endure

Species: Machoke
Gender: Male
Nickname: N/A
Level: 37
- Submission
- Vital Throw
- Seismic Toss
- Karate Chop
- Focus Energy
- Low Kick

Century stands in at about six feet tall, and is an average weight for his height. He is usually seen sporting a pair of blue jeans and a black t-shirt. Even though he has an underwhelming Gym Leader attire, the one thing that stands out about him is his necklace, which contains his Gym Badge on it. When he loses to a challenger, he hands that Challenger his gym badge straight from the necklace to the individual. Even though Century has more than one gym badge, it gives a little meaning to it, as it is far and few between that Century actually sees challengers.

His shimmering blue eyes are tellable for miles away. His regular blond hair is cut short, but not short enough that Century can't spike it up a little. His slightly tanned skin is matching all throughout his body, and his pearl white teeth have been taken extremely well care of through his childhood. If he happens to be on an adventure or quest, he wears a black leather jacket that holds all his pokeballs on the front right inside pocket.
Chris prefers to be referred to as 'Century' (so I will be from now on, other characters can do otherwise if they dare). Century isn't one for many words. He appears very timid to most people, an impression that fools many people as that not is not the case - he shows great pride in his pokemon and training both himself and his pokemon to be the absolute best that they can be. He is very quiet, but is very well understood by his four pokemon. His Hitmonchan usually accompanies Century outside of his pokeball, as Century's quiet personality has isolated him from many that he knew, and can find abatement with his Hitmonchan. When around people after he warms up to them, he can be found cracking an odd joke. While Century handles most things in a mature matter, he is known to have a chuckle when the moment & people are right.
Century decided that the task to open up a Pokemon Gym in the Zivito region was the right thing for him because of his previous experiences with pokemon - in the Kanto region, Century never was allowed to go on a pokemon quest, but was allowed to train and raise a Hitmonchan, as his father believed that it matched Century's personality. Even though the quest of pokemon was forbidden to Century, he had always heard of new trainers beating the Elite Four. Century had always wanted to go on the pokemon adventure and collect the eight badges of the region and prove he was the very best, but never had the chance. Moving to the Zivito region by himself, Century only thought that this was his destiny - to own and run a gym.
He's very, very fond of Diet Dr. Pepper.

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