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    Dante rushed off to the class completely skipping breakfast because he was in a hurry to get to class. As he ran to class, Dante heard his stomach rumble from hungry which made him stop by a vending machine to get a snack.

    "Hmm, so they have potato chips, pretzels, and pop tarts", Dante said to himself looking at the vending machine. "I'll get the pop tarts."

    As soon as Dante made the choice, he pushed the buttons and waited for the pop tarts to fall to the tray of the vending machine. As soon as the food fell down, Dante got the pop tarts and started hurrying to class. During that, Dante opened the package of the pop tarts and started to eat one. Once he got to class, Dante entered the room and saw who the teacher was.

    "Sorry, that I'm late to class", Dante said with a mouthful of food. He soon found a set next to a boy with a Slakoth.
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