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Jericho Heiko: Wright-Patterson Airforce Base, Ohio (United States of America)

Jericho raised a brow when this mystery messenger kid just smiled at him. Then, suddenly, like a blink he never took, the kid was gone. Jeri blinked once, then twice, then a third time. What the...? It was like the kid wasn't even there! Like some kind of gh-- "I'm Jeremy."

"Holy sh*t!" Jeri nearly jumped out of the window when he suddenly heard a voice right next to him. Right inside the car he knew full well he got in by himself. His head immediately snapped in the direction of the noise, eyes wide and mouth hung open in shock. The kid, who was just standing on his front porch, was now in the back seat, leaning forward and talking to him with this smile. He treated it like it was no big deal he just broke into his car without touching anything. Jeri didn't hear much of what this kid said. Just saw his mouth moving while his brain tried to piece together what just happened. What did he...? That... It... What? He couldn't quite think straight. Couldn't quite think at all. In an instant, Jeri's brain suddenly kicked into gear. He threw open his car door and made the lung for escape. Well... He would have if he hadn't forgotten he was wearing a seatbelt. Oh great! The one time--the one time!--he uses one of these stupid belts he's stuck next to some... Some... Ghost out of Hell!

"Holy sh*t!" Jeri stopped moving and his eyes went ahead of him, hearing the loud exclamation of his partner in crime, Peter. "Did that kid just teleport into your f**king car!?" He continued, eyes wide with excitement and this smile born from amazement and fascination. Jericho could have called him crazy right now, thinking something as terrifying as this was cool somehow. He'd like to see how Peter would react when some unknown person just poofed into his backseat like some kind of serial killer off an old movie. Peter ran to the car, Jeri following him with his head, carrying an expression that asked the question, "Are you out of your mind!?"

"Jeri! Jeri!" Peter called as if he wasn't right there. "Do you see this?" Peter peered into the car, grin still huge. He was like a kid looking at a one pound piece of candy. "This kid's a f**king Atlantean!" Then it hit him. Random kid, teleporting... Yeah, Atlantean. Man, the world must be messed up when teleporting was a good way to find out someone's ethnic background. Or... Species background? Atleantean was its own species right? He was pretty sure they were some kind of alien-fish. He'd have to figure this one out. Time to scope out the Discovery Channel... Or Animal Planet. Woo! Just imagine! Atlanteans on The Most Extreme! Entertained on the thought of Atlanteans being number one in every category of that show ever, Jericho forgot to be embarrassed about the fact that he thought this kid was a ghost.

"Yeah, Peter... I'm fine." Jericho said without humor. Yep... Someone just teleported into his car. Let's all talk about how cool that is, not how he could have possibly just died. Come on. He didn't even know this kid! He could be some kind of deranged mugger who took his wallet, stabbed him to death, and the poof! gone! Now that he thought about it, this kid could teleport. Was he even in the military? Great. Surprise attacked by a kid eligible for federal prison. Jeri looked at this teleporter kid that Peter was having a heart attack over. You know, he didn't get this excited when he told him he had a power. He was just all, "You're lying!" Jericho frowned at this kid automatically. "Who the f**k are you?" His head was slowly putting together the memories of the past... Oh say five minutes of hysteria and such. The kid told him his name, but he didn't even remember. It was like... Jacob or something. Who cared? This kid needed to get out of his car. Now.

Peter sighed audibly. "Jeremy." Jericho frowned more. Peter had said it in that naggy, stop-being-a-douchebag kind of way. Did Peter not realize that he was totally justified? Jeri had a feeling Peter didn't witness someone invading his property and personal space without rhyme or reason. Certainly not care. "And we're going paintballing," Peter replied helpfully to the mysterious criminal Jeremy.

"Peter, shut up." Jericho didn't wait for his answer before continuing to Jeremy. "Whatever you want, the answer is no." He couldn't even believe he was still even sitting next to this obviously deranged teen. "Now please get out of my car."

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