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    Well then. I have completed this game. And I must say, I didn't like this game much at all. I am unable to understand why people are saying it is the best hack. Why am I not liking this?

    -The experience given is just entirely off. A Venipede gives the highest ammount of experience, 400 for a wild level 12 or so, while a Metang level 40 and owned by a trainer gave barely 25 experience.

    -I can tell the creator has become more and more lazy as the game went. At the beginning, trainers always had like 5 pokemons on them. But as the game went, I saw them with less and less pokemons. Heck I even saw the same teams being copied. And that's outside the 9 copy-pasted Grunts at the Team Steam base. What seemed like a hard hack at the beginning became a really easy one at the end.
    Oh, and that kid that said he was going to catch a zubat in some tunnel right after the sandstorm town. I have noticed you copy-pasting him too.

    -Routes are waaaay too long for nothing. Travelling from one town to another was a real pain. When I was in the middle of one and wanted to heal, I had to go aaaaall the way back and return, getting 20 random encounters in the meanwhile. And that's generous. Very often, I wanted to just avoid as many trainers as possible and heal at the next town.

    -Cutscenes are too long for nothing too. You make those legendary pokemons battle for really long, I just had to speed through it, missing a line or two of text after they were actually done.

    -Battle musics. What happened to those? Gym Leaders felt like a regular battle, rival battles too... And a Feebas gets a Legendary Pokemon music?

    -Bugs. Twice, I was forced to use cheat codes to get out of a Gym. And I've been hearing people talking about other bugs, such as losing levels.

    -Illogic moveset. Snover and Abomasnow are supposed to fight in Hail. Why do you give them Solar Beam as a level-up move?

    -Stupid AI. I reckon an Elite 4 should be wise enough not to use Ground moves on my Levitate pokemon. Not twice in a row, at least. It felt like every battle was a regular Trainer, as they often picked illogic moves.

    -No impact on surrounding NPCs. By that, I mean that none of the visitors and scientifics were in panic by the invasion of Team Steam at the Museum, trying to steal something. I don't care that your favorite Fossil pokemon is Armaldo, there's baddies right next to you that has nothing but bad intentions!

    -Unnatural ways of obtention. Yes, I'm talking NPCs that give HM, playing Hide & Seek inside their home. Everytime I noticed I needed a HM, I had to go check every single house, hoping it wasn't in another town, that I wouldn't have to cross a road or two twice in a row. That Waterfall HM was extremely illogic, the SuperMarket was the last place I thought the HM would be at, since I had already checked there before beating the Gym.

    -Illogic progression in items. Potions in sale for a badge or two. Once we cross a one-way boat, only Hyper Potions in sale. When I needed Super Potions, I checked every single shop in every single town, only to notice that none were sold until the 5th badge or so! Also, getting Full Restores right at the beginning?

    -Not enough variations in wild pokemons. I went all the way from the 8th badge back to the very first town, in search of a pokemon that could learn Fly. At least, make some Flying pokemons appear close to the person who gave the HM!

    So yeah. Personally, the only things I liked was the graphics and the availability of Ice Pokemons straight at the beginning, which allowed me to have an opportunity of a mono-Ice run.
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