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    (Here's Chapter Three, I hope you guys enjoy it. Also, the criticism is heavily encouraged, anything I can do to make this better would be widely appreciated and I'd do my best to make the story even better for everyone.)

    Chapter Three

    Back in the present, the boy eventually Viridian City around nightfall, the lights of the homes around him were lighting up the path as he went to find the PokeCenter, he walked in and looked around at all of the trainers who were trying to talk to one another, about strategy, where to find certain Pokemon, and he even heard a few challenges. After awhile he was given a room and when he got in he grabbed his Pokeball off of his belt and let Cubone out. The foot tall Pokemon walked around and Marcus just watched it for a few minutes. Eventually he actually began to speak, “I don't know why you won't listen to me. I'm your trainer aren't I? You should be required to listen to me.” He said with annoyance filling his voice.

    After looking at the Cubone for awhile longer he realized that he wasn't going to get any form of response so he laid down in the bed and went to sleep. Later in the night though, he woke up to hear something, it was like someone was tapping on glass. Marcus rubbed his eyes and looked at the window only to see a boy with a sly smirk on his lips and a head full of blonde hair. The blonde pointed down to the ground and then disappeared from the window. Marcus sighed and put Cubone in its Pokeball and walked outside to see the blonde boy standing next to a Fearow.

    Hey Marcus, I see you've been given a Pokemon from Gabriel, how about I test you out?” The blonde spoke, his voice full of confidence and Marcus just stared at him, examining him. He smiling, his hair was now underneath of a baseball cap and his right hand was over a Pokeball on his belt.

    Hey Damien...” Marcus was cut off by a Pokeball flying through the air. Quickly Damien's pokeball snapped open and a pile of pink goo appeared on the ground, it wasn't something that Marcus was thinking he'd see from Damien. A Ditto was on the ground in front of him and Marcus tilted his head before looking to his brother.

    Come on now, if you're a trainer let's battle.” His brother shouted to him before Marcus sent out his Cubone and watched as the pink Pokemon changed into an exact replica of his Cubone.

    Before Marcus had the chance to send out a set of commands his Cubone moved from his side and started to lift up the bone that it held. It rushed forward, gripping the large bone like a baseball bat and taking a swing at the copy. The copy responded in almost no time at all and lifted up its bone weapon and blocked the attack before breaking away and hitting his Cubone in the side with a large hit. Marcus was about to yell out a set of orders but once again, Cubone was already moving in to attack once again.

    You know, you may actually win if your Pokemon had faith in you little brother. But instead it's fighting like a wild.” He heard his brother shout again before a stream of red light engulfed one of the Cubones and it was sucked back into a Pokeball in Damien's hand. Marcus just looked to Cubone, anger filling his body at his complete lack of control over it, but more so he was upset that his brother had seen how useless his dream of becoming a trainer would be.

    Damien walked over to Marcus and put his hand on the boy's shoulder but Marcus quickly reached up and hit his hand away. He recalled Cubone to its Pokeball and walked towards the door to the PokeCenter. He didn't say a single word as he walked through the center and finally found the room that he was lodged in. Instead he let the Cubone out and just rolled over and went to sleep.

    In his dreams he saw himself standing on a stage with thousands of people surrounding him in the stands, cameras were surrounding him and across from him stood Gabriel. This time, he sent out the Ditto and Marcus responded with a Scyther and the battle began. Gabriel took the lead early on but Marcus' orders were helping the Scyther make a comeback, but as Scyther was about to land a finishing blow, it changed. It shrunk down to a foot tall creature with a skull on its head and the Ditto quickly ended the battle with its bladed arms. Marcus heard his name getting booed all around and he woke up to look around the room.

    Cubone was awake and swinging its bone around and looked up at Marcus for a brief second before looking away and returning to its practice. Marcus tilted his head as he watched the Pokemon move, why was it taking these swings, practicing for a battle of some sort when it didn't seem to want to listen to Marcus when battle time came. He just waited for awhile before he went to the restroom and came back minutes later. Cubone was nowhere to be found but its bone club was on the ground next to something else, the skull it wore on its head.

    Marcus walked over and picked both of the skeleton pieces up and examined them, there were multiple chips out of the skull, the nose was even missing a decent sized chunk out of it. It had many stains, either from dirt or some other substance and the boy felt that Cubone had been in many fights before this. When he looked at the bone club he saw that there were numerous scratches and pieces missing out of the weapon. This just further backed up his theory and he put the weapons down before leaving the room to look for the Cubone.

    While he was walking down the hall he heard trainer's talking about how they saw the Gym Leader the night before battling someone. A few people glanced at him as he stopped and listened to the conversation, they were talking about how the Leader was using a Ditto that was fighting a Cubone and the challenger couldn't even call out a decent chain of commands. Marcus felt his fists tighten as he overheard the story again and again as he walked through the Center looking for Cubone. Eventually he just returned to his room and saw the Pokemon taking practice swings in the center of the room again.

    Marcus sat on the bed and looked at the Pokemon, just watching for about a half an hour before he finally spoke. “My name is Marcus, last night you fought against one of my brothers and his Pokemon.” Marcus watched as Cubone continued to ignore him but he began to speak again, “I want to beat him. All of them actually, they each have risen to become famed trainers, the one from last night is the Gym Leader here actually. And I think that one day I'll become strong enough to face him. But, I don't think that I can do that without your help, you've been in many more battles than I have and I know that, but I know about other trainer's and a fairly good idea of how this whole thing works. It's going to be a learning experience for us both and I'm not going to ask you to like it but I think we should work together in order to make both of us end up better in the end.

    Marcus finished speaking and he looked to Cubone and saw that it was just standing in the middle of the room staring at him. The boy smiled as he put his hand out, “First things first, lets start training up and work our way to being able to take on the Gym in Pewter, maybe even add a few others to our team.” He said as he waited to see how Cubone would react. The Pokemon ended up walking forward and put both hands on the bone in its hands but instead of using it to hit the boy, it tapped the bone against Marcus' knuckles and walked away, continuing its training.

    Maybe this could work out, or at least, maybe he could get Cubone to cooperate.
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