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Daniel Sabrak

Daniel continued snoozing quietly in his seat at the front of the class, but at the sudden appearance of the girl in the doorway, he lifted his head, blinking his eyes groggily. He lifted a hand to rub them before squinting, focusing on her.

He then offered her a little smile, lifting a hand as he waved at her, opening his mouth to introduce himself, but Kilik was too fast for him. "You're not late. The teacher isn't even here yet. Name's Kilik Chambers."
Daniel, awkward as he was, lowered the hand again, simply finishing off his greeting with another smile. He shifted a little in his chair to sit sideways in it, noticing the Pokémon huddled around the chest.

He tilted his head to the side with a small smile before reaching into his pack, pulling out a large notepad and a pencil, resting it on his leg after placing it on top of his right one, making a make-shift desk. He then began scribbling quietly.

Meanwhile, Alexis glanced after Flora as she went to fetch Meden, turning her head to Mistress as she spoke. "What d'ya suppose it is? Think it's in the shape of a ball?"
To this, she shrugged a little, peering curiously down at the chest. “Not sure… but Snype’s right, if it was locked in there, there was a reason for it. Where did you say you found it?”

She looked up at Snype, but turned to Meden as he arrived, offering him a smile. “Hi there. I’m Alexis. Do you think you can help us out? We’re really curious as to what’s in the chest here.”
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