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Holy... Holy... Holy crap! Austin shot straight up in bed, eyes wide and heart beating fast from realization. Oh god, he was late! Late, late, late! He was trying his best not to be late to things anymore. Well... He was late again. He had to get up... He had to get up!

Austin hopped out of bed, throwing clothes onto his bed and getting himself clean and presentable as fast as possible. How stupid could he be!? God! This wasn't even his fault! He didn't get any sleep last night, spooked as he was. He didn't think Halloween could get so scary. Yesterday night... Oh man. He'd seen this ship... Floating about the school! Ominous and glowing and... And frightening. It had really scared the monkey out of him. He couldn't sleep that night. He could barely get to the dorm. Ledian had helped him a bit... Just a tad, but... Austin shuddered remembering the night. It wasn't pleasant.

When he finally awoke he was too tired to stay that way and went back to the dream world almost immediately. Now he was up and wide awake and thoroughly late for class. When he finally got himself clean and his clothes and hair situated he was out the door, zooming with all the speed he could muster. What did he even have? Ancient Johto History? Arceus that sounded boring! How come he couldn't get something more interesting like... He didn't know... Pokemon Mythology. That didn't seem to bad. Boring, but not too bad.

Austin wished he could run at the speed of light then. Or teleport. The ability to teleport would have been beyond useful right now. Beyond useful. It took a lot of nonstop running, but he finally made it to class. Austin stopped outside of the door, leaning on the wall and taking big breaths to catch his air. Oh man he was tired...

Austin was no track star. Not even close. This was an endurance run he hadn't prepared for. He leans against the wall and then slid down to his knees. Oh man he was late... Might as well be later.
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