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    This hack is really old and dusty and I quit working on it a long while ago. It’s not even close to my best work by today’s standards, and if you’re reading this you’re probably either really bored or are interested in me for some reason.
    I’ve redacted the MediaFire links from this post, but if you want to play this hack, click here and grab the archive with the final release.
    The original OP is below in a spoiler for historical reasons, and also reference.
    Pokémon Dragonstone Version


    • Current version: Alpha 1.63
    • Hack creator: AlexTheRose
    • ROM base: Pokémon Ruby Version (EN-US)


    • Hinkage, for much inspiration
    • Alistair and Pokémon Hackers Online, for the wonderful tiles
    • Nintendo, for Pokémon
    • AlexTheRose (me), for pretty much everything else


    In the region of Kohto, north of Kanto, you begin your journey after falling from the skies into the Opalian metropolis. Scouting out refuge with no Pokémon to protect you, you find an old man who gifts you a special abandoned Surskit. Many amazing characters and features appear, both new and old: the Trick Master becomes a millionare off of his Mechadolls, which are now used for virtually anything and everything automated. Teams Magma and Aqua have regrouped and formed an alliance aimed at capturing Rayquaza, the legendary Pokémon of the sky. Creator and programmer Hinkage of Pokémon 2Awesome and Pokémon Hyetology makes an in-game appearance as a major story plot character. All of this is packed into a neat little file called Pokémon Dragonstone Version, which is available here at the PokéCommunity – for free.

    Video Preview

    Game Screenshots

    Tech Details and Downloads

    [Latest] Alpha 1.63 (α1.63)

    Bug list

    • None as of yet

    [Outdated] Alpha 1.62 (α1.62)

    Bug list

    1. Null reference exception in Fisherman script FIXED IN A1.63

    [Outdated] Alpha 1.60 (α1.6)

    Known bugs

    1. Player obtains HM for Cut instead of the intended move Strength FIXED in A1.62
    2. Screen isn't centered on player after gym battle in Opal FIXED in A1.62
    3. Glitch in message while talking to Prof. Yew FIXED in A1.62
    4. Certain events aren't required to advance in the story (Rival event, etc) FIXED in A1.62
    5. Poké Mart in the Opal Intercity doesn't sell Poké Balls or Repel FIXED in A1.62

    [Outdated] Alpha 1.05 (α1.05)

    Known bugs

    1. Script for bookshelf inside Opal City PokéCenter glitches; not functioning properly FIXED IN A1.6
    2. Person next to bookshelf inside Opal Intercity PokéCenter glitches; not functioning properly FIXED IN A1.6

    [Outdated] Alpha 1.00 (α1.0)

    Known bugs

    1. Can encounter Pokémon in tall grass prior to receiving a starter in the eastern Opal Outskirts FIXED IN A1.05
    2. Many warps in the Opal Intercity and the northern Opal Outskirts lead to warp 0 at map 0 in map bank 0 (Opal Intercity Gym doors, outside) FIXED IN A1.05

    Change Log

    December 19, 2014 ~03:00 UTC
    • Redacted old download links from OP
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    June 8, 2013 ~04:00 UTC
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    June 8, 2013 ~03:45 UTC
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