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Bug :: Probably Volcarona. It's strong and it's probably the prettiest bug type out there XD;
Dark :: Absol, one of my favorites in general :D
Dragon :: Definitely Altaria >w<;; It's sooooooooo fluffy! :DD <333
Electric :: Minum, Plusle and the blue and yellow one (I can't remember its' name OAO;;;)
Fighting :: Lucario, it's the prettiest fighting type and it's pretty strong too :DDD
Fire :: Ponyta, Ninetales, Vulpix, Arcanine, Reshiram, because they're strong (except for Vulpix) and cute <333333
and Altaria, of course! <33333333
Ghost: Shandera, its' purple flames are so kewl <3
Grass: Churine, Liligant, Cherrim, Erufuun, Jumpluff <333 Cuties :DD
Ground :: Dugtrio... That's the only ground type I could remember now ;A;
Ice :: Glaceon and Lapras :D
Normal :: Most of them cause they're cute :DD
Poison :: Roselia, cause roses are kewl :D
Psychic :: Mew, Gardevoir, Espeon :: They're so pretty :D
Rock :: Can't remember any rock types
Steel :: Can't remember any steel either
Water :: Vaporeon and Milotic! :DDDDDDDDD
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