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    Originally Posted by zacdee316 View Post
    It's sad to see this project end on such a bad note. Has anyone made any progress with this since? When I originally started reading the thread, I had it in my head to use HEX, but that idea was shot to hell the more I read (or am I wrong in that regard too?). And what had been accomplished looked promising, so I'm just curious.
    The project is still being worked on. No matter what we do, it will require ASM to take care of this, which requires hex editing to insert, so you're not too far off.

    The thing is, the really complicated stuff currently has me stumped. I don't understand how the player sprite is created on a map after warping/flying (although I'd hazard a guess it has something to do with the createsprite command that is otherwise unused).

    As things currently stand I have 2 versions of it running:
    Fire Red (Can't warp/fly, ride bike/surf, but most everything else should work)
    Emerald (Can only walk/run)

    The systems used for movement are identical between the 2 versions, so it's a case of porting routines, as opposed to research and then development for Emerald. The routines are far from perfect however, and I think I'm gonna restart the whole project after I've dealt with the 649 Patch, to add the extra stuff which it needs and to tidy up and improve the routines.
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