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    ((OOC: I apologize if anything is wrong or if the grammar is bad. I'm posting this on my phone, so I'll correct it when I get home ))

    Oscar listened with interest as Kilik explained to him about the Pokemon. A Zorua? It's ability to transform into any Pokemon somewhat reminded Oscar about a Ditto. But he had never heard about one that could transform into humans. Wow, he really had to learn more about the Sinnoh and Unova Pokemon but hey, that's what he was here for right?

    ''The teacher? Well it sounded like a female voice on the intercom before so yeah...but really where is the teacher?'' Oscar replied to Kilik's question. Before in the morning, Oscar had thought that he was running late for class, but that clearly hadn't been the case. They really should begin soon, and granted, he was a bit eager about this class, it sounded interesting.

    Suddenly, the classroom door opened and Oscar turned his head towards it, wondering if it was the teacher. It turned out to be a girl with a...interesting looking Pokemon. It had some sort of gel-like substance surrounding it like a protective shell. ''Don't worry, we're still waiting for the teacher. I'm Oscar, it's nice to meet you.''' Oscar greeted her with a small wave after Kilik had introduced himself.


    Meden listened as Snype and Alexis introduced themselves and explained the situation, the Meditite giving them both a small nod as a sign that he understood the situation and that he would help. Actually, he himself was a bit interested as well. What could be so valuable that someone would lock it into a chest? But no one was as happy as the Zorua who literally was jumping up and down in excitement. Meden flashed a quick smile before turning his attention to the chest. He closed his eyes, mentally focusing his energy. Reaching out with his arms in the direction of the chest, he started to rotate them around in a circle. Then Meden opened his eyes, which glowed with a light purple shine, and released a burst of psychic energy, hoping that it would be enough to open the chest but not too much so that the chest's contents got destroyed.
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