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    Flora watched as Meden sent out a energy blast against the lock, and jumped with excitement as a satisfying click came from the chest. The two Pokemon walked closer to Snype, the Sableye slowly opening the chest to reveal...a ball of red string. Both Snype and Alexis apparently didn't know anything about held items since they asked Flora and Meden about it.

    ''Well, it looks like a held item to me...but I don't know what it could be useful for.'' Meden replied calmly, looking at the ball with mild interest. Meanwhile, Flora was giggling pretty loudly, knowing exactly what it was used for as soon as Snype had picked it up. She had seen a Pokemon hold one of those before, and the Pokemon had been kind enough to explain why it carried the ball of string with it.

    Suddenly, a Porygon-2 joined the group of Pokemon and upon seeing Snype and Alexis with their hands in the two different knots, he began giggling a little. After he had talked with Snype, Flora realized that he also knew what the item was and looked up at the Porygon-2, giggling a bit. She then collected her composure and began explaining.

    ''I know what it is. That thing's called a Destiny Knot and if you carry it with you during a battle it will...If you get infatuated with a Pokemon who uses Attract on you, the infatuation will backfire, causing the Pokemon who used Attract to also be infatuated with you...'' She said, before looking at Snype and Alexis and starting to giggle again. ''It's also said that the two who tie the string around their little finger are destined to be soul mates.'' Meden heard the whole thing and also let out a small laugh.
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