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"Well... she's already here." Next thing that happened, Scarlet was back to normal and a Leafeon was floating next to her. That should've been expected. "We were here to free others like us." Then she earned herself the title of Captain Obvious. "I can tell you're one of them, too, so maybe you could help."

Hm, come to think of it, Sen, you and I have been fused since we met, haven't we? The Kirlia agreed, noting how he rather enjoyed his time occupying a physical body again, albeit shared with someone that's hardly even a teenager. At least it left room for development and cooperation, instead of dealing with a know-it-all adult. Regardless, they decided to try de-fusing. Sen himself was standing next to her now, standing on the end of his feet as normal, while Alessa's hair became a green-less blonde, and her bright blue eyes lost the red tint to them.

"Someone that can help, so be nice, okay?" Scarlet was finishing up with her partner, and Alessa leaned against one of the walls next to where a door used to be to check outside. God, it already felt weird not having that second presence in her head all the time; she'd grown so used to it. But she has to get used to this, too.

"It's all clear," she told them before turning back to her new ally. "So what was your plan? Besides getting caught by guards, of course. I'm sure you had an idea of what to do had that happened."

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