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The Raichu turned her head towards Flora as she began speaking, listening in quietly, seeming rather comfortable with learning something. She nodded slowly at its use in battle, glancing down towards the string still in her paw. However, as she heard the rest of the explanation, she blinked a few times, a few electric sparks emitting from her cheeks.

She quickly pulled her paw back, leaving Snype to hold it on his own. She let out a nervous little laugh as well, nodding her head a few times, looking rather flustered. “O-oh, yeah.. sounds like a sort of useful thing to be carrying around… better than being the only one infatuated, at least, eheh!”

She quickly went quiet, ears lowering a little while her tail swiped through the air in a small fit of annoyance, though being careful not to hit any of the kids sitting nearby with the rather sharp tail. Why did she have to put that damned thing on? She was going to be laughed out of the class.

“… You did say it was just rumors though, so… I wouldn’t put too much though into it. Could still use it in a fight though! And, uhm… are there… a lot of these kind of items around? And do they all kind of… backfire, like this?”

She added this a little hurriedly, clearly wanting to move the subject onto something else as she leaned down, half-sitting on her hind legs and rump while resting her arms down along her sides again, glancing between Flora and the Porygon. Seemed like they knew a lot about these kinds of things. She did also send another glance at Snype, but tried to hide it by turning her head all the way to Meden, before looking back to Flora.
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