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    Flora just couldn't contain herself anymore and started to laugh at Snype's and Alexis's confusion and embarrassment, but quickly stopped because she didn't want to make the two Pokemon feel more uncomfortable then they already were. She knew that she would act the exact same way in that kind of situation.

    ''Yeah that would really be embarrassing.'' Flora giggled just a bit at Snype's joke. She had actually seen that happen before, and boy, that had been hilarious. But it could be interesting as two Pokemon maybe could find each other that way. But now wasn't the proper time to ponder upon that.

    Suddenly Meden started to walk back towards his Pokeball. ''I'm sorry but I must go back to my meditation process.'' Flora made a small sigh. Meden was always so serious about his meditation...''I hope that I can talk to you later.'' The Meditite gave them a honest smile before returning back to the Pokeball. He'd be sure to meet them again later, but he couldn't fail his training.

    ''I'm sorry about that, he can be so serious about his training sometimes...'' Flora looked back behind her before turning to Alexis, who had asked her a question. Although it sounded a bit rushed, as if that she wanted to change the subject. Flora couldn't blame her. She just hoped that the Raichu didn't feel too bad about all this, she clearly hadn't known anything about the Destiny Knot rumor. Maybe Flora shouldn't had brought it up.

    ''Uh, yeah! There is a lot of hold items for Pokemon. If you're lucky, you may find one out in the open. All hold items isn't man made, you know. They don't all work as the Destiny Knot though. Some of them may increase your attacks while others may heal you a bit during battle or inflict damage on your foes if they attack you.'' She explained, then gave Alexis a concerned look that basically said ''Are you OK?''
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