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Daniel Sabrak

Only halfly listening in on the conversation of the other kids as well as the chattering of the Pokémon, he continued glancing briefly towards the group of Pokémon before looking back at the paper, pushing his tongue out between his lips and biting slightly onto it, out of concentration.

Due to his attention having been drawn so far away from reality, he didn’t notice when the girl had walked up to him. Only when she spoke did he react. “Hi! Whatcha doing?”

This startled him slightly, causing him to jump a little in his seat, quickly looking up and instinctively lifting the pad to cover it up, blinking a few times, confusedly up at the girl. Out of pure instinct, he smiled a little in relief and opened his mouth to say something, only managing to let out a little squeak at first.

He quickly cleared his throat, his cheeks darkening a little out of embarrassment before waving the hand holding the pencil a little dismissively.

“Oh.. just.. well, waiting for the class to start, I guess. So I figured I might as well do something meanwhile.” He waved the pencil in the general direction of the group of Pokémon, only now noticing the odd-looking newcomer to the group, going quiet for a moment before snapping back to reality once more.

“Uh… oh! I’m… erh, I like drawing. I’m… decent at it, I suppose, and I really like drawing Pokémon, so… heh.”

He lowered the arm to hold the pad of paper against his chest, using the other to rub the back of his head, still smiling at her. He didn’t seem too inclined to show his work to her, though it might just be because of his rather obvious lack of self esteem.

Alexis gave a small wave at Meden as he left to meditate once again, turning her head to look at Flora, smiling a little. “No, it’s alright… we can all be like that, I think.” She then quieted down as she listened to Flora explain, furrowing her brows as she listened intently. Half due to genuine curiosity, and half to get as far away from the subject beforehand as possible. Her cheeks did still have a small spark emitting from it every now and then.

“Hmh… sounds interesting! I’ll have to try and see if I can help Daniel find something like that. Might give him some more courage to battle others.” She paused for a moment, looking a little thoughtful, but looked up as soon as Flora asked if she was alright.

She let out a nervous little laugh, nodding her head a few times, trying her best to pull off a convincing smile, though this might seem just a tad forced. “Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. Just… you know, misunderstandings and all that.”

Great. Now they were back to the other subject. Alexis managed to hold back her annoyed embarrassment long enough, for the Solosis to join the group, causing Alexis to tilt her head a little. She’d never seen a Pokémon like that.

She broke into a smile and waved her paw a little. “Hey there, Jello. I’m Alexis.” She responded rather cheerfully. She always liked meeting new Pokémon, even if she was a bit lost as to what to say at times.
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