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    Originally Posted by Landroid View Post
    Not sure if I've done something weird, as I can't recall seeing it elsewhere in the thread, but the patch (at least the newest version at any rate) seems to conflict with JPAN's hacked engine, quite severely, with the game restarting whenever a battle is entered. Is this a bug you've looked into? Or just me being an idiot?
    Actually, one of the earliest things I said in this thread was that it would probably be completely incompatible with JPAN's engine. I hadn't tested it, but obviously it is. However, I still speculate that a good amount of JPAN's hacked engine could work with my patch, but there will be some incompatibilities.

    Unless you mean you used my patch and then his (or vice versa) because that would obviously cause crashes.

    Also, welcome to PC. Congrats on your first post.
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