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Daniel Sabrak

Daniel had never been good at socializing, and this was definitely proof of that. He blinked a few times as the girl seemed to frown just a little while looking rather confused. As she looked around the class room, Daniel took a moment to let out a quiet sigh, muttering something to himself.

“Right, just… calm down. Don’t overthink anything…”

He looked up again as she turned back to face him, offering her a sheepish little smile. “Oh, uh… hey Alice. It’s a nice to meet you! I’m Daniel. Your… erh, Pokémon’s really cool. I’ve never seen one like that before.” He nodded a little, glancing towards Jello, giving Alice plenty of time to respond to this. He really never had seen a Pokémon like that before. It looked kind of cool. Probably a psychic Pokémon of sorts… it –was- purple after all.

He looked up at her again, clearing his throat a little once again. “Uh… if you want to, you can have a look at what I’ve drawn so far? I only just started, but…” he trailed off as if wanting to continue, but shook his heard and turned the pad around, showing her the drawing.

As of right now, it only looked halfly done, with no shading done whatsoever, simply just the pencil outlining. It was the group of Pokémon standing in a circle, the Raichu, Zorua and Oddish facing the drawing, while the Sableye, Meditite and Porygon-2 had either their sides or back turned to the viewer. Only the Raichu and Oddish seemed nearly done, while the others had only been very roughly sketched out.
It wasn’t a terrible drawing, that’s for sure. It was clear that he’d been drawing for quite a bit. He smiled up at her somewhat anxiously, hoping she’d compliment it, even if it did, in his eyes, not amount to much.

“I really do love drawing Pokémon. I’ve been using my own and whatever wild ones I could find as a sort of… uh, frame of reference if you could say that. Oh! The…” He peered over the top of the drawing, tapping the Raichu, which was smiling on the picture. “… Raichu is mine. Her name is Alexis.”

Meanwhile, said Alexis glanced towards Snype as he was talking to her, brows lifting a little. Somehow, having him be this casual about it, despite his obvious nervousness himself, put her somewhat at ease, causing her to smile more comfortably.

"Heh, yeah. I mean, it's probably just rumors anyway! No way is something like that able to be proven. Besides, wasn't your fault. I was just as curious as you were." She said with a final little snicker, shaking her head as if to say 'forget about it'.
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