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    Jimmy Vincent

    Jimmy heard Rosalyn's voice, saying the Egg was glowing. What? Why would an egg glow? Unless...

    The rebellious-looking boy opened his eyes and turned around, but the light from the Egg was too bright for him, having just opened his eyes and forced him to close his eyes again. He growled and tried to get up, to no avail. He tried again, only that this time he was successful. Once he was back on his feet, he felt something fall on the floor. He thought it was the Egg, but the sound of the fall...didn't sound like an Egg falling at all. It was something...heavy, something that definitely didn't sound like breaking.

    When he opened his eyes, he saw a dragon, like the one that Bryce took from him, except that it was smaller, and looked less fierce. The Druddigon looked at Jimmy with a sparke in her eyes, and ran over to him, with her arms open. As soon as Jimmy opened his eyes, he could feel something wrapped around his waist, and looked down to see a Druddigon. The dragon was rubbing her head against him, letting out some cute-sounding growls.

    Jimmy smiled, happy that the Egg finally hatched. But soon the smile vanished, as Druddigon was unwilling to let go of him, and was rubbing her crimson head against his stomach.

    Alice Crenshaw

    Alice smiled at the kid, who introduced himself as Daniel. The boy said that Jello was a cool Pokémon, which made her giggle because she knew how Jello felt about himself. Being the purple one when the species was usually green must have been very hard for him.

    Then the boy decided to show her the drawing. She smiled even more, now feeling more relief, knowing that she did no wrong and feeling better about herself. She looked at the drawing, giggling ocassionally as she did.

    "Wow. I know it's not finished, but it's good!" Alice said happily, "You're really good at drawing!"

    Then the boy said that the Raichu was his, and that her name was Alexis. She looked at the group of Pokémon, and giggled again, without saying a word.

    Meanwhile, Jello was looking at the others timidly. "Well, um, nice to meet you all." he said.
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