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    Originally Posted by Landroid View Post
    Ah, must have missed it in my search, cheers for speedy reply though. Is that something you ever had the urge to change? Although I imagine that would require far more work than really necessary...
    Actually, it's simply caused by crossovers of RAM and ROM locations. It's not possible to change large parts of my code because it's all intertwined, just like the original ROM's. I may also have said the thing about JPAN's incompatibility in another thread, but I definitely remember saying it.

    Originally Posted by Landroid View Post
    Anyway, I take my hat off to you for this, it's very impressive. If you need any help with more menial tasks (although I understand you already have a moveset -sorter), I'd be happy to help
    Not much left to do that comes down to being menial. Although, I'm sure that speedster would welcome some help if you were to offer it! Thing is, I never asked anyone to help me with this patch, so I've done most everything by myself. This is why it's taken so long.

    Look at the credits, I'm responsible for everything in the patch, except that with I explicity credit to other people.
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