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    Chapter Four

    Marcus stood in front of the window of his room in the Pokecenter and thought for awhile, where could he and go to become a better trainer? The boy’s eyes were drawn to a group of younger school children who were running off in the direction of a forest and he tilted his head. Viridian Forest, there were a lot of bugs there weren’t there? Bugs would be decent to battle against to get Cubone to level up a bit and help get him prepared for the battle against the Rock-types in Pewter. With that thought, the boy turned to look at Cubone and pulled out its pokeball. Quickly the Cubone was recalled and the boy had his bag packed with his legs moving closer to the Forest.

    But he stopped, he wasn’t ready for this quite yet was he? Mentally he was sure that he could handle some bugs in the Forest, but what about poison, health, even Pokeballs, was he prepared with the items that he would need? The boy pulled his backpack off and looked in to see that it was completely empty. He swore under his breath and started to walk to the Market where he could start to purchase a few odds and ends, mainly potions, antidotes, and PokeBalls, that should be enough to get him through the forest. He eventually found it and walked inside to once again see a large amount of trainers. He wasn’t exactly sure why this all seemed to surprise him, he had come to Viridian numerous times in the past, but this was different, this time he was one of them, he wanted to be as excited and energetic as they were about their Pokemon.

    Marcus walked through the Market and eventually grabbed a basket so that he could carry the things that he was purchasing. The boy walked down an aisle and found the medicine that he was here for, he grabbed about a half dozen potions and four antidotes before looking at everything else. He looked around and was surprised, not only did this place have Pokemon Potions, there were bottles of pills for trainer’s, even some diet food. He found his way to the area with the Pokeballs and was amazed as he looked around at the variety, regular, great, ultra, even some of the specialty balls. There was even one case that was blocked off behind some glass with a sticker attached. The boy leaned forward and read it, Kurt’s Pokeballs: The Best Pokeballs Straight From Johto!. He smirked and turned away after grabbing a handful of the items.

    He made his way up to the counter and watched as his toll kept climbing before eventually stopping at quite a large amount. He listened as the cashier told him his total and he handed over the money before leaving the store. That had taken quite a bit out of his wallet and the boy wasn’t even sure that he would have enough but he’d just have to hope for the best. The thoughts of his potential failure kept ringing through his mind as he made his way towards the Forest, his eyes watching as Trainers all around him were battling with each other and even some wild pokemon. He smiled as his fingers went to the ball at his waist and gripped it, he could just let Cubone out right now and they could start working on the training and get ready for Pewter and the Gym Leader there.

    But instead he held off and just looked around as he entered the forest and looked up to see that the trees were now blocking out the sky and the only light was a few rays of sunlight getting in through the leaves. The boy was amazed, he had always taken the high ways when he wanted to get around, this was the first time that he’d actually stepped foot into the Forest. So, he looked around and his eyes locked on a battle between a trainer using his Rattata against a giant snake. Marcus moved closer and pulled out his PokeDex in order to identify as an Ekans before quickly putting it away. His eyes went back to the battle and saw that the Rattata was fighting a losing battle against something that would more than likely want to eat it.

    Marcus thought about sending out Cubone to help take out the snake but decided against it, he knew that if he were in this situation he’d want to see the battle out to the end without help, he wanted to prove that he could handle things on his own. So he watched as the Ekans jumped forward, its long purple figure flying through the air, its jaw opened wide as it bit into the Rat and then flung it away. Marcus turned his attention to the trainer and saw the beads of sweat dripping down his forehead and his jaw was hanging open. There was a bit of a sound from the boy but nothing that sounded anything similar to an order for his Pokemon. Was this what Marcus was like the night before when he had battled Damien?

    Back in the battle, the Rat was barely able to stand after being tossed away and Marcus was wondering what would happen next. His answer came quickly as the snake approached the small purple Pokemon and opened its jaw wide. There was a look of hunger in the creatures eyes and it was intensifying. Marcus looked over to the Rat’s trainer and watched as he scrambled around to pull out a Pokeball and recall the Pokemon. But eventually the Rat was safe from the snake, however the trainer’s were the ones who were in danger now it seemed. The snake was angry that its meal was taken and started to approach the two.

    Marcus was about to turn and bark an order to the trainer but saw that instead he had run away and it was now just Marcus and a hungry snake. The boy swore under his breath as he pulled out a Pokeball and threw it, but what happened wasn’t exactly what he had planned. Instead of throwing out Cubone’s Pokeball, it seemed that he tossed out one of the ones that he had recently purchased. He watched as it hit the snake and broke open, sending out a light and closing with the snake inside. However, Marcus wasn’t upset that he just seemingly wasted a Pokeball, instead his eyes were attached to the ball and watching as it tilted from one side to the other.

    The suspense of if he would catch his first Pokemon was incredible, it felt like his stomach was curling in on itself and his heart was beating so rapidly he was sure that if his shirt was off you could see it pounding against his skin. His eyes wouldn’t move until he saw the ball stop moving back and forth and shine with a light indicating that it was shut. He smiled and lifted up the object and looked it over, this was what his new Ekans was in huh? That was interesting, but now that the moment had passed, he kept thinking about the mistake that he had made, the Pokeball that was thrown was supposed to be the one with Cubone in it so that he could have a proper battle.
    He couldn’t let a mistake like that happen again, he needed to have a way of telling what Pokemon were which and which were empty so he didn’t capture a Pokemon that he just didn’t want. He sighed as he looked out at the rest of the trainer’s around the forest and laughed a little bit. Even with that mistake Viridian Forest was looking to be an interesting place where the boy would make his true steps as a trainer.
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