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Erika Onzanem - Washington D.C., Virginia

Erika looked up from her treats. Someone in close proximity had spoken to her. Somehow she could tell by the sound of his voice that he very well might be talking to her. And yet... What was that language? Was that Spanish? The male quickly swithed to English. Erika didn't really understand the purpose of greeting someone in another language in such a context, so she promptly assumed it must've been purely style.

Turning her head to look at Adrian, Erika greeted him with a look of casualness. One could not emphasize enough that although her pants were large her legs did not currently fit them, as she had not activated her powers. Though really, even then it was reasonably easy to guess. She was either Atlantian or a some kind of abnormally strange hipster, and the rest of her appearance did not spell hipster. For a moment Erika hesitated. Did she be upfront with the stranger, or did she evade his question? Deciding it couldn't be that much of a problem if it had been on a public broadcast she decided to go with the upfront approach.

"I d'no. Do you know where this... Atlantean gathering is?"

Her tone almost seemed to sound humbled, as if she were acknowledging something wrong with not knowing. In hindsight, she probably should've written stuff down and/or done more research. Exploration of her newfound Atlantian body and it's heritage was not graunteed to be offered again, and she had probably been a bit in a rush. Regardless, if asking for directions was her biggest problem she figured she was doing /fine/; especially considering she was fairly confident she was at least in the right area. Turning her gaze away from the unnamed man who had offered she found herself gazing off into space thoughtfully, her head swimming with various ideas and theories. She was sure not to let it distract her too much, however. Part of her brain remained focused on interpreting words.

"I was sort of heading there."

She sure hoped this forwardness didn't bite her. She supposed if it did it wasn't her fault though. If logic mislead her, then to her it was the fault of circumstance, not anything she did.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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