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    My favorite Pokemon? Well, I have two, actually. It's these guys.

    At first, it was their looks that drew me in--they look very robotic and well, I absolute adore robots. But when I began to work with them, I fell head over heels simply because of their power. They're heavy hitters and got me more wins than any other Pokemon I've ever trained. Leveling them up was a breeze, they have a useful Ability (Iron Fist) and they have some great resistances. On top of that, my Golurk was the first Pokemon I actually EV trained to level 100; all that time we spent together and I just fell for him. These two are my favorites and they always will be--to me, they are power and grace combined. Love 'em both like you wouldn't believe.

    We've come a long, long way together,
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