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    Pojo is completely out-dated, when it says last updated in 2004 they really mean it :/
    Prices for base set cards are honestly all over the place. Unlimited base cards are not expensive at all, while 1st edition shadowless holo's still fetch those 2004 prices, especially charizard. For the ones in the middle, 1st edition non-shadowless, it completely depends on which pokemon it is. Charizard, being the most popular, can get up to $50, with the prices for the others going down from there.

    Now, if you are considering buying a 1st edition booster pack just to open it: DON'T DO IT! The distribution of holo cards in the base set era is terrible, you will not get a charizard, a blastoise, not even clefairy. The only reason why those are so valuable is because they are sealed, not because you might get something good. Just buy singles.