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Scarlet Johnson

Scarlet watched Alessa transform into her normal self, she blinked at her ally and kept her gaze onto her. Next to Alessa was a Kirlia, of course he was her spirit, or she. "Are you really going to trust her?" Syrena said, sounding a little uncomfortable. But why? Syrena always liked help. Scarlet ignored the Leafeon, and pretended she never said anything. Then she turned to see if the coast was clear, and Scarlet quickly turned to her pokemon spirit and nodded, then gave a quickly put her finger over her mouth to tell Syrena to stay quiet. Even though they couldn't hear her, they could still see her mouth move. Hopefully Alessa didn't see Syrena's mouth move.

"It's all clear," Scarlet quickly turned her gaze back to Alessa, and smiled then slightly nodded. "So what was your plan? Besides getting caught by guards, of course. I'm sure you had an idea of what to do had that happened." Well-- to tell the truth Scarlet never thought further than sneaking in, maybe she should quickly come up with something. Scarlet opened her mouth to speak but Syrena interrupted her. "Just tell her you don't have one, Scarlet. Syrena told her. Scarlet turned to see the Leafeon, she could tell by her expression that she wasn't happy about something? She was acting like this ever since she saw the Kirlia. "Go on, tell her now!" Syrena kept insisting, this wasn't like her. Her tone sounded slightly angry too.

She sighed and rolled her eye's, "Fine." Scarlet looked to the ground as she spoke. "I don't have one, I only thought of how to get in." Scarlet felt a little embarrassed. She looked up at Alessa as she carried on, "But, we could think of one now. While sitting down." Scarlet breathed, then let herself slip to the ground and sit. Syrena then followed her actions.

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