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    My, my, my. My. So many people to help! Yes, two is a lot in my book. I don't have very high standards. That's just depressing... These spoiler tags are annoying me now. Boo~

    Okay, so first at dbcification:

    Your Sneasel idea is still a bit off. I think the point of training Pokemon is to make Pokemon stronger. Being different doesn't necessarily help it. Looking for the perfect Pokemon is like finding your special other. Your special other is not perfect, I'll tell you that right now. It's all about looking for the person you can see in the perfect light. Stop looking for the perfect thing, make it perfect for you. The Sneasel should be perfect for the trainer. It should be like a match. Studying abnormal behavior (which is really subjective in my opinion) in Pokemon is, like I said before, trying to figure out what a normal person is like. It's impossible to do that because everybody is different. Honestly, making Sneasel so "special" makes the idea of it seem forced. Try to work in the canon. I know I mentioned this before, but I'm really starting to like the idea of Professor Elm wanting to study how Pokemon born/raised in captivity differ from those in the wild. It's just more logical.

    I know you want Team Rocket to be stronger than usual, but taking over regions just isn't realistic. Team Rocket is as strong as they are depending on your world. That's part of world building. Make them how you want them to be, don't judge them based on the games. Look at a few other works of fanfiction. If you can't find any decent ones, just message me or Google, or even Bing if you're feeling lucky. A few have Team Rocket and they're not exactly wimps, but trainers aren't looking for the perfect Pokemon. They just battle them or fight against them the way they always do, with their normally trained Pokemon.

    Okay, so for the whole Ilex Forest thing. I mean, that's not a bad idea as long as the writing is solid. Then again, that's the case for anything really. I never heard of Celebi laying an egg to begin with. What's more important is why is it injured? And why would it trust the duo with an egg? It's not the fact that it just disappears, but more of the fact that its introduction and its behavior act more in canon.

    Yeah, no spoiler tags. I'm being a rebel.

    And now for FourCartridge! Yay! Even though he's probably getting tired of my rants... Oh well. He'll just deal with it.


    The emotional climax will definitely be the battle with N. Not sure what dragon's hero he'd be, but I think it would definitely set a tone. Even more, Ghetsis controlling one would show the hypocrisy of Team Plasma. There is the truth about Pokemon's nature and their abuse, whereas there is also the ideal of living without Pokemon. So you have a few options to go with here and I'll leave that to you. And stories can have multiple themes, though these morals are a bit unrelated. Zoroark could remind him of his wife or something, since it could probably change forms to his wife and he'd miss her, emotions here, etc. We're just assuming Zoroark can read minds or saw Greg's wife in a picture that was in his wallet. That could be an underlying theme.

    For the Hunter J ordeal, using a Pokemon as a sidekick would pretty much balance the really negative tone. I mean, Greg wouldn't go up to her and hit her would he? If that happened, this might as well not be a Pokemon fic but more of an original fiction. Using Pokemon would balance the mood and remind readers that it is, in fact, a Pokemon fic. Greg doesn't really look like the type to learn that moral. His values are really ambiguous. He seems really bored with his life, which I'm think you're trying to get this across, but knowing what he's missing would require some interaction with things he is missing. That sounded backwards. He has to miss something. That's all the emotions and all, but it's actually not that relevant with the overall plot. He wants to go home. He wants what he is missing. He'd have to have some epiphany later on, and he wouldn't want to go home to begin with. Maybe he'd realize that this world was perfectly fine because nothing too bad happened, until Team Plasma entered his world so he tried changing that, but realized that what he really wanted was his life again. Changing Unova made him realize that he could change his own life as well.

    Geez, you ask some hard questions. It makes my brain shed a few pounds, which isn't good if you think about it literally.
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