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Originally Posted by letica13s View Post
I've created my own map in FR/LG style. I have no idea how to make a tileset or a tilemap though. I want to use either WRAP or NTME, but I don't know how to turn the .png of my map into a tilemap and tileset. Please help!
I'm not entirely sure of what you're trying to do. Are you asking how you can save your map as a file along with a picture of the tileset you're using? If that's the case then you shouldn't be trying to use NTME or other tilemap programs as they don't have access to the data that Advance Map has. To save a 'tilemap' of your map, goto 'File > Map > Save As' which will save it as a .map file which can only be read/ opened by Advance Map.

Saving the tileses used by the map can be done by clicking the large purple puzzle piece at the top of Advance Map and going to 'Picture > Save Tileset 1' to save a picture of the first tileset, and 'Save Tileset 2' for the second tileset. These will be a saved as .png files so they can be opened/ edited in Paint or a similar program (this is how you can insert new tiles in hacks). The tileset you see in the main Advance Map window will look nothing like the picture you have saved, this is because the tileset has its own 'tilemap' in the form of 'blocks' which are saved in a similar style to the tilesets - Click 'Blocks' rather than 'Picture'.

In short, maps are a made from three tile maps - The map itself and the block data from the two tilesets - along with the two tileset .png files. There is no universal 'save tilemap and tileset' option available so the best you can do is to save all of five of these files if you wish to recreate your map within another ROM.

Originally Posted by TEEJSTER77 View Post
I'm sorry, I've searched through this thread quite a bit (admittedly, I didn't go through all 826 pages, but I went through quite a few!) and I haven't found an answer to my particular question.

I want to replace Brock (and all of the gym leaders, really) with gym leaders I have made myself. Different pokemon, different types, different moves, all of that.

I have A-Trainer and Advance Map and XSE and all of that good stuff, but I haven't found a walk through on how exactly to do this. Could somebody help me out?
If you're just wanting to change the data for the Pokemon a trainer/ Gym Leader has, then all you will need is A-Trainer. You need to find the specific trainer in the program, but it should be fairly easy if you know who they are - Just input their name in the box that says 'Start Search' and you'll be taken straight to them. To change their team click on '>> Pokemon Data' and you'll go to a second screen where you can see a whole wealth of data relating to their Pokemon (species, level, moves, held item etc) and you can use the scroll bar in the top right to swap inbetween Pokemon. If you wish to expand the number of Pokemon on their team/ add an extra item/ give the Pokemon custom attcks or items then you're going to have to repoint the data, but A-Trainer will do this for you by providing a recommended offset which you just have to copy and paste into a box before confirming. Just mess around in A-Trainer for a while and you'll definitely become proficient with it :D